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The Augusta Advertising Federation is a professional network providing a forum for current issues while recognizing, nurturing, and developing advertising excellence in the CSRA. Your dues also pay for your membership in the American Advertising Federation’s national and district organizations with all member benefits included.

Please join us! The Augusta Advertising Federation’s members come from a variety of advertising-related industries: broadcast, cable, graphic design, online publishing, outdoor advertising, printing, corporate marketing, newspapers, public relations, hospitality, magazines, specialty advertising, advertising agencies, direct mail, higher education, financial services, and nonprofit organizations.

Freelance Professional
1 year
For freelance professionals who work in advertising/marketing.

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Associate Membership
1 year
A corporate membership add-on for members in an organization.

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Student Membership
1 year
Full-time college or university students in the CSRA.

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1 year
Administrators or teachers at an educational institution.

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Corporate Membership $150

Meetings and luncheons are on a pay as you go basis; reservation is required. Corporate membership is the basic membership level that most companies will have, unless you are a freelance professional.

Associate membership $50

Meetings and luncheons are on a pay as you go basis; reservation is required. The associate membership is an add-on to a corporate membership for additional people to be members. You must have a corporate membership to qualify.

Freelance Professional $75

A membership level for individuals who work professionally in the advertising and marketing fields but who are not employees of a company. Meetings and luncheons are on a pay as you go basis; reservation is required.

Educator $75

Membership for individuals who are employed full time by an educational institution and engaged in an administrative or teaching role for printing, graphic design, advertising, marketing, and related industries. Includes the ability to bring one student to each luncheon for free as long as the paying member also attends.

Student Membership $25

A membership level for currently enrolled students at accredited colleges and high schools in the CSRA.